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"Save 15%-35% On Natural Gas - Direct To You From The Well Heads In Texas
All American Energy
Deregulation allows competition, which means competitive prices. Since the federal government passed the Natural Gas Deregulation Act, eligible natural gas customers are able to save 15%-35%.

It's just like the Telecommunications Act of 1996, after 62 years of regulation, telephone services were deregulated and the American Bell Telephone Company stopped being a monopoly. Competing phone companies lowered the price of phone service by renting the existing phone lines. Customers still had the same phone service as before but saved money because of deregulation.

Similarly, All American Energy rents the pipeline and delivers the very same natural gas as before, and you save money! Nothing could be easier.

To find out if you're eligible, call

                      All American Energy: 1-941-855-0263
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Get Your Natural Gas Directly From The Well Heads And Start Saving Money!